Your default iOS Safari web browser is not customizable. And when you want to use a font or style designed for accessibility, this creates a problem.

The openWeb browser is a browser that helps solve that problem by giving the internet a more readable style on your iPhone and iPad.

The default font is OpenDyslexic: a free open-source font designed to be easy to read, especially for dyslexic readers. This font looks great on retina displays.

The colors have slightly less contrast to help prevent glare.

Punctuation recoloring: Punctuation marks are now darker, and bolder, to help with readability.

You can full-screen the browser at any time to remove distractions by tapping and holding. Return to the default view by tapping and holding again.

The application was redesigned in 2015 for the new iOS versions, but has minimal support. It's mostly a free test bed to try out how certain changes could increase readability. If you want a fully supported product, I highly recommend ER Browser.