Remove the Title Bar from Gnome 3 on Maximize

Gnome 3 has a wonderful UI, but one glaring fault. The top system bar serves as a "title bar" for your current application, telling you what app you have open, and allowing you to exit the application from the bar itself. Unfortunately, the default theme, Adwaita, has huge looking titlebars, which don't really get in the way when you are working in normal sized windows. When the windows are maximized though, you have 2 titlebars taking up precious screen realestate: the big Adwaita titlebar, and the system bar up top.

Fortunately its real easy to fix this.

Open your Adwaita xml (/usr/share/themes/Adwaita/metacity-1/metacity-theme-3.xml) file and change the line that configures the maximized window (name="max"). Add has_title="false" to the "frame_geometry" tag. Then look for "title_vertical_pad", and change "value=9" to value="1". Restart Gnome 3 and maximize a window. *poof* the UI makes sense now.

Interestingly, you can still drag down from a menu or button bar to return to a normal sized window and get your duplicate titlebar back.

Announcing Distress Signal: Community Run Emergency Notifications

I’ve been slightly silently working on a project that I’ve now placed on Kickstarter. It’s a decentralized emergency dispatch network that can be run by communities and groups apart from 911. The decentralized approach prevents disasters from completely disabling it, or governments from blocking access. This also allows for municipalities to be less tied up in emergencies that do not require 911.

Customizing the Command Menu Fader in Ares

I just spent the better part of the morning searching Google, trying to figure out how to get a black fader in the Command Menu using Ares. I searched everywhere in Palm's documentation and their forums. The best solution I could find was the instruction on this forum post:
Add menuClass: 'no-fade' to your command menu attributes and that will remove the fade.

And that was to the same question I had. Talk about a non-solution! That was all I had: How do you change the command menu fade? You don't! After a few hours of searching, that was all I had, and it bothered me. Then I remembered that with Ares, webOS apps are running in a browser... *almost* any browser you choose. I fired up Safari, and after a few element inspections, I had the code necessary to change the command menu fader.
.palm-menu.command-menu.palm-dark > .palm-menu-fade {
background: url(../path/to/file.png) bottom left repeat-x;

And then, instead of changing menuClass to 'no-fade', I changed it to 'palm-dark' (menuClass: "palm-dark"). Of course, the class name does not have to be palm-dark, I just named it that because it fit.

All the mucking about the internet was not in vain. I also found an O'Reilly Quick Reference guide that listed the two official menuClass properties that work with Mojo out of the box: palm-default and palm-white. palm-default is the normal cream-colored fade, and palm-white is a white version (that, honestly, the Palm Facebook app should use instead of the cream one). I have example images of each below.