Increasing Support for OpenDyslexic

Wow! It's been an amazing few weeks! Right after Instapaper added support for OpenDyslexic, emails and comments poured in. Interview requests filled my inbox. Downloads went through the roof. And thousands of people found a free way to help with their dyslexia symptoms.

And the emails are amazing. I received a large amounts of emails from people who, before now, did not want to deal with reading, but now they can, easily. There are also touching stories of mistreatment in schools, having children called stupid by cold, callous teachers, where a typeface such as this has given a new hope. I am very grateful for each of these emails, and they provide a great incentive to continue making OpenDyslexic better.

Many great things are progressing in the area of assistive typefaces now. I've gotten emails from many companies and developers on how they are using, or plan to use OpenDyslexic in their products. In addition to Instapaper adding support for OpenDyslexic, several applications announced their support, with more coming (just waiting on official press releases, etc. :) ), including:

  • Instafetch

  • Steel's Run

  • Clicker 6: A learning tool for reading and writing. Has a free update that enables support for OpenDyslexic.

  • MediaWiki has added support for OpenDyslexic as a non-default font in English and other languages.

  • Fedora? It looks like Fedora is including OpenDyslexic in some fashion.

  • My Agility Board OpenDyslexic is a font choice in this online sticky-notes web application that helps you keep track of your work.

  • And many more apps yet to be released, and internal web applications for hospitals and schools.

  • And more. :)

Wow! Big thank you's to everyone for taking the initiative and adding OpenDyslexic support to your applications, for your emails of support, sharing OpenDyslexic with others, etc. You are awesome.

As always, you can download OpenDyslexic for free, and get more information from