OpenDyslexic mentions and uses

OpenDyslexic has been around for less than a year, downloaded over 12,500 times, and it has already found many uses:

WordSmith: An excellent new word processor for the professional writer using MacOS, WordSmith has an optional theme, “Irving,” that uses OpenDyslexic as the typeface (and which I'm using to write this).

iPhoneRuler has BytaFont theme for jailbroken iPhones to change the default iOS font to OpenDyslexic. In it’s first 6 weeks of release, it has seen 6,419 installs, and has become the #31 most appreciated typeface.

The open source iPad ebook reader, Dox on Box, uses OpenDyslexic with it’s innovative colorization techniques to make reading ebooks on the iPad easier.

The Magic Judge Wiki recommends using OpenDyslexic for Judge exams.

Both openWeb and OpenDyslexic receive a mention here:

OpenDyslexic, thanks to your help, is now almost fully complete. Font smoothing on Windows is still being worked out, but on platforms written by sane people (Every platform but Windows), that is not an issue.

Edit: As you can tell, if you are reading this right now, this list became just a small list in the span of a week! I really need to write an update post. As soon as I'm not overwhelmed with work, I will. Thank you all. 2012/09/13